Hi! My name is Tomas.

One of my core beliefs is that a life worth living is a life that is dedicated to creating a better world together with a kick-ass awesome people. 

Currently working with a couple of technology and international retail companies I push the boundaries of distributed teams management, high performance and organisation development. Leading brilliant teams of senior software engineers, data scientists, PhD-level optimisation experts and business analysts create an environment for me to share my gifts and together build extraordinary products.

I have built my reputation the old-fashioned way – through commitment, persistence, hard work and passion to solve problems.

During the period of 2005 – 2016 years I founded 2 successful startups, created value for companies like Nike, Avon, Danske Bank (and many others), lived in Malaysia and was a team member of one of the best customer experience teams in Asia in a cutting-edge education company, called Mindvalley, travelled in Spain as a location-independent business consultant (while discovering more about myself and my mission) and was a professional athlete (8+ years, proud ex-Lithuania national team member).

Most people build an incremental business. They want to “increase sales a little more” or “expand the impact just a bit”. I have a powerful belief that you can build an exponential business.

An exponential business is one where you achieve things that look impossible right now. I dedicated thousands of hours to understand and experience this kind of growth in organisations and individual performance.

This is the game I play.

working with me is not for everyone

Bespoke, tailor-made and challenging experience that creates powerful, long-lasting changes.
Spaces to work together are very limited, exclusive and by referral only.
This experience is at the premium price because it will create exponential results and transform your business.
But it requires much more than money investment.
You must be ready to invest your energy, time and commitment to convert your big vision to a strong reality beyond expectations.
Please find above my expertise areas and if it resonates with you, we should talk.
Thank you.

small companies business growth operations and processes development

Co-located and distributed teams management and optimal processes development. When organisation goes from group of friends to actual business company, it requires a very specific set of know-how knowledge to establish the strong foundation for consistent results.

individual and group effectiveness

Individual and group resources management is a crucial part of any mission success. I help to develop natural habits that includes time, energy and attention management.

creating an exponential life

What has helped you get to your current level of success is EXACTLY what will hold you back from your next level. Bring your biggest dream and we will master the vision, strategy, mindset, skillset and energy to really truly create the exponential results that you desire.

multiple high-end projects and programs management

Bringing clarity, control and exponential results in your business while making your game-changing ideas happen. From in-house innovations to strategic client work - I got your back.


Tomas has always fascinated me for his explosive energy and positivity. He has always been the top achiever - no matter what responsibility lands on his shoulders.
One of the greatest things about Tomas' is his very structural & process oriented mindset. He continuously raises critical questions and looks for the root causes behind any deficiencies. He gradually searches for the most effective ways to achieve top results and sees the entire bulk of one's beliefs and habits as a system of processes to be developed.
Tomas is definitely an extraordinary human being and I feel honoured for being able to recommend this talented professional and a great caring human being.
Vykintas Glodenis
Head of Customer Support, Mindvalley
Tomas would be the jewel in the crown for any organisation. He is conscious of real situation in market, knows his own abilities and use them to get the best result. Tomas‘ ambitions are large and achievable with that kind of positive thinking. Tomas‘ self confidence has grown from sport in early days to various successful projects which I had an oppourtunity to work with.
His passion for work is admirable. Tomas works very hard, but at the same time he motivates people around him. Striving for excellence is visible in achieving goals and creating good atmosphere in team.
Because of his attitude, seeking for the best results, ability to achieve them in definite time - Among many people I know, I consider Tomas as the best illustration of leader.
Gytis Bilevičius
Business Development Professional

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